"Happy heads" is not just a name, it is a mission that we follow. Hair loss is a universal problem but can be avoided with the use of natural products. We have just the right products made from organic ingredients best suited for all hair types. We understand the sorrow of hair loss and to rid you of this concern, we initiated this brand just for you!

We never compromise on our purity. We keep our operations genuinely organic and keep ourselves under strict criticism to make sure that we end up producing impeccable products. We have our strict principles and are happy to announce them here.

We critically analyze each recipe, every ingredient, the origin of the collection, and the processing of each product with love.


Our operations are designed in ways that they least bother fellow lovely living beings. How so? We love all furry friends and keep their well-being as our top priority. Cruelty is not our style.


We religiously believe that hand-made is pure and best. Therefore, we least rely on machinery to run our operations. We use machinery only to refine our products for 100% results.

Organic ingredients

We gather ingredients from the deepest regions of rich forests to bring your hair truly organic treats. For us, organic isn't just an end, it is a principle; a religious belief. Organic is what you will get and nothing else.


GMO? Haven't even heard of it. Our ingredients are pure and least processed. We never genetically modify our ingredients because of our belief: "natural is honest" and honesty is our biggest priority.

Freshly Made

Your skin loves fresh, just like us. We never compromise on freshness in our products, the reason why our every product effortlessly makes hair strong. Our operations are COSMO certified due to our fresh and unprocessed hair growth delights.

Contact Us for more details: 
Email: connect@happyheads.pk
Cell No: 0325-5717927