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Happy Heads PK

Kit For Hair Growth

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  • Rosemarry Hair Growth Oil 120ml

Suffering from excess hair loss? Think Rosemary oil. Not kidding! This magical oil can save you from the sorrow of watching your beautiful hair fall from your head. Hair fall is a universal sorrow and your being here is proof that you are suffering from the same tragedy

  • Rosemarry Hair Growth Serum 50ml

The hair suffers from dryness and excess crumbling after consecutive hair styling. This magical serum will keep your hair growing and shining.?Furthermore, the serum forms a protective layer over each strand to preserve it from flat irons, blow drying, and environmental pollution. This simple hair care protocol will help to reduce breakage by replenishing keratin loss and restoring hair strength.

  • Rosemarry Hair Growth Shampoo 250ml

The cherry on top is the fact that Rosemary is also known to reduce stress. What could be better than to get a shampoo that not just improves hair growth, but also reduces stress to improve your mental health? Practically nothing. So, revive your dull hair with this amazing Rosemary hair growth shampoo.

  • Rosemary Hair Growth Mask

Rosemary hair mask best strengthens hair by nourishing your hair to fix the dryness cry. The Rosemary Hair growth mask contains beneficial vitamins and minerals to strengthen, hydrate, and nourish your hair. The rosemary extract in the mask multiplies hair growth while restoring your hair?? shine and charm.