Why Us

We provide one of the finest range of Hair care products extracted from Natural ingredients, grown in 100% organic and natural environment. Onion and Rosemary are most known for their positive impact on hair, which helps in Growth & Nourishing of hair.

We bought Onion & Rosemary range with great range advantages which will make your head literally Happy.


Red onion locks in hydration to moisturize your hair after intense hair styling. These treatments leave hair dry and easily breakable. This will re-hydrate your hair and make it soft and frizz-free.The damage caused by hair straightening and heat treatment is best fixed by the use of our Onion extracted formulation available in Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil & Hair Serum. This hair serum contains beneficial ingredients to regenerate fallen hair and thicken the strands while softening the texture of your hair to smoothen it.


With the range of Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil & Serums, the rosemary extract has anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate fungal and bacterial infections that cause hair thinning leading to the weakening of your hair. With this amazing property, the Happy Heads anti-hair fall rosemary flavored products thickens and darkens hair to bring out its lost shine.