Hair Fall in Winter: Effective Ways to Deal with it

Winter is fascinating for the exciting festivals and meetups it brings along. But the same is a nightmare for your hair health owing to the extreme dryness in the environment. The complaint of hair loss is universal during the cold, even for those having perfect hair health.

The bone-chilling cold brings along a set of challenges for hair and skin. The problems might seem vast and depressing but you can avoid the menace by adopting a proper hair care routine to keep your hair happy. You will easily find the best hair care products at our store to fix your hair issues. Happy Heads has the best hair fall solution with wholly-organic products for your hair. Let’s discuss the issues and solutions to counter hair problems in winter.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment During Cold

A good hair loss treatment includes a few hair care products and a routine. The best hygienic and naturally made hair products are available at our store to bring your hair the lost shine.

Apply Hair Oil for Hair Growth Twice Every Week

Grab the best hair oil for hair fall twice every week to keep your hair healthy. If you are suffering from hair loss, then get our red onion hair oil to eliminate hair fall. If you suffer from inhibited growth, then grab the hot-selling rosemary hair growth oil to strengthen your hair. The jojoba essential oil is another best oil for hair fall that does wonders when mixed with a carrier oil.

The cold season also brings along the tension of frizz and dryness. The best remedy to eliminate frizz and dryness is a gentle massage with castor oil for hair mixed with mustard. A gentle massage with these hair oils increases blood circulation and strengthens hair foliage, giving your hair strength and shine.

Keep Your Hair Nourished

The best way to nourish dull hair is a gentle massage with a warm hair oil for hair growth and washing it gently with a hygienic shampoo. Try to opt for a gentle shampoo because most shampoos on the market are made with harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. After washing your hair, apply a hair nourishing conditioner to soften your crumbled hair.

This simple hair care routine is also the best dandruff treatment. The hair massage smoothly nourishes hair and eliminates dandruff and brings you the luscious hair that you desire.

Avoid Heat-Styling

The cold season brings along multiple festivals and late-night events, giving rise to heat-styling among women. Heat, in any form, is injurious to hair’s shine, this is a fact that can never be ignored. The looks and style are undoubtedly important, but not compared to your hair health. The best hair loss treatment for female mentions clearly that you must avoid frequent heat-styling.

The major reason for losing shine in hair is frequent heat-styling during winter. Therefore, it is mentioned to avoid this practice with no delays.

Dry-up your Hair Naturally after Shower

The common practice to dry hair in winter is through a hair dryer or hair straightener. Again, heat! This practice does give you a good hair day for a day, but monstrous frizz afterwards. The best treatments for hair loss like minoxidil or protein treatment clearly states to finger-dry or naturally dry your hair after wash.

Never Comb Wet Hair

Your wet hair after a wash is at its weakest point of breakage. Never brush your hair when it's wet as they are prone to break upon even the slightest disturbance. Yes, this is referred to your hair! This protocol along with the intake of hair vitamins is always mentioned in every proper hair treatment.

Wash your Hair Only Twice a Week

As mentioned above, wet hair is prone to break quickly. Therefore, it is advised to abstain from washing your hair frequently. The best approach is to wash your hair once or twice a week using the best shampoo for hair fall. The best shampoo for the season is red onion anti-hair fall shampoo. Wash your hair with anti dandruff shampoo containing tea tree to combat dandruff and dryness. Just make sure to wash your hair a maximum of two times a week.

Use Hygienic Hair Growth Products

The market is filled with a multitude of hair products; both hygienic and chemically-made ones. The best hair growth products include hair oil, shampoo, serum, and a conditioner made of rosemary extract. Happy heads proudly offer all five in a rosemary kit specially designed for growth. Additionally, we offer a red onion hair kit containing the best shampoo for dry hair.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The best hair fall solution at home is drinking water as you do in summer. This might sound difficult, but this is the best remedy to counter hair fall in winter. Hair loses hydration due to the dryness in the environment during the cold. You can fix this by consuming enough water that keeps your hair hydrated.


Your hair requires attention in winter. The ratio of hair fall multiplies in winter owing to the dryness in the air and frequent hair styling to look good during festivals. The season brings a lot of festivals and heat-styling is a common deal for good looks. This makes adopting a proper hair care routine inevitable for hair fall treatment of your precious asset. Simply using the best shampoo for hair is not enough during the cold, you will have to do more, as mentioned in the article.

So, grab the best hair care products from our store and let us know your story of achieving vibrant, charming, luscious, and strong hair like a model. Happy Winter!