Hair Care Tips For Oily Scalp & Dry Ends

When it comes to the myriad hair concerns, focusing on two simultaneously might seem unusual. The reference here is directed to those who have oily scalps with dry strands. This might sound unreal and unique, but it is actually a common concern that most people face. The dual combination might sound hard to digest but this scenario is known as combination hair type. For those of you suffering from this hair type, the care tips are simple but to achieve your dream hair, you will have to keep a range of hair products in your hair care arsenal and use them gently according to a proper hair regime.

This combination of hair concerns is tricky and challenging to cater to. You will have to experience a list of tests and errors on your hair to get to the right destination. You cannot be precise and right-on-target with such a type of hair. Try on different products to test the results and when you succeed, carry on with the suited product. Start with trying Happy Heads' hygienic hair products, you will not need to try any other product.

In this write-up, we have compiled the ways and mediums to counter the menace. Let's get started and give your hair a treat to bring back shine, strength, and charm.

How to Identify Your Combination Hair Type

If you observe your hair scalp getting oily within a day or two of washing, but the strands remain frizzy and dry, then you have a combination hair type. This menace is caused by multiple reasons that include heredity, frequent heat treatments, hair coloring, and the use of hair oil only on scalps.

The question arises how can you possibly eliminate an oily scalp without stripping moisture off already dry ends? How can you apply the best hair oil on your shafts without adding oil to your already oily scalp? Read on to get all your answers.

Major Causes Behind Combination Hair Types


Genes and DHA makeup are not our faults. This cannot be avoided but can definitely be minimized using onion hair oil available at our store.

Multiple Heat Treatments

The urge to look diva and turn heads at every party has taken root in every woman's mind. You get multiple hair treatments for all your parties whether they be heat styling or chemical-intensive treatments. You aim to just get impeccable looks. Your desire is not wrong but there can be more healthy and refined ways to get there. Excess hair treatments result in the menace that this passage is all about.

Coloring and Bleaching

Just discussed ahead, coloring and hair bleaching is also among hair treatments that strip off hair from its natural moisture. This causes hair strands to decay and becomes frizzy and dry.

Using Wrong Hair Products

Ohh, nothing can beat this point. The hair products you use are mostly the major reason that most people attain dry hair ends with oily scalps. Mostly, people avoid using the best shampoo for dry hair thinking it might bring side effects. Well, you have already secured side effects to your hair with the intensive hair treatments so investing in your hair and getting the best shampoo is inevitable to protect your hair.

Tips to Safeguard Combination Hair

Brush your Hair Frequently

After applying an appropriate hair growth oil, people seldom brush their hair. If you apply onion hair oil only on your scalp and avoid brushing it afterward owing to the myth that hair might break, then this is a downright error. The oil piles up in your scalp leaving the hair shafts dry. This results in an oily scalp and dry ends.

The best approach is brushing your hair after massaging your scalps with our Rosemary best oil for hair growth. Your hair strands are dry because you do not brush your hair frequently to move oil from your scalps to all over your shafts. Apply argan oil for hair to your hair strands and brush it thoroughly to your hair.

Adopt a Proper Hair Care Regime

A complete and impeccable hair care regime includes a few major products as you can see in our hair growth, anti-hair loss, and anti-dandruff bundles at Happy Heads. Each of our hair bundles includes four products in each: hair oil, shampoo, serum, and mask. We design our kit using all naturally-acquired ingredients to protect your hair from any side effects. Try our red onion best oil for hair fall, and get our tea tree oil for a perfect dandruff treatment. 

The best Hair fall solution is to gently apply the best hair oil for hair fall and wash your hair with our rosemary hair growth shampoo. These hair products will soothe your hair without damaging the beneficial moisture.

Using Natural & Hygienic Hair Products

Use our tea tree bundle to own the best shampoo for dandruff. This kit is perfect to eliminate dryness in hair. This dandruff shampoo is unique because it keeps hair nourished while eliminating the dandruff menace. Add rosemary oil for dual advantages. It will not only grow your hair but can also be used as beard growth oil for men.


The challenge of an oily scalp and dry ends requires understanding and adopting the right hair care practices. While it may seem unusual, this combination hair type is more common than you think. The key is to find a balance and provide the necessary care to both aspects of your hair. Through trial and error, you can identify the right hair products that suit your needs. 

Happy Heads offers a range of hygienic hair products that can help you achieve your desired results. Remember to brush your hair frequently, adopt a proper hair care regime, and use natural and hygienic products. With consistent care, you can bring back shine, strength, and charm to your hair, ensuring it looks and feels its best. Take control of your combination hair type and enjoy healthy, beautiful locks.