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Your hair defines your style; your first feature that your spectators notice. Your hair’s best health is inevitable for your style and charm. The most renowned element to keep your hair happy and shining is a gentle massage with the most suitable hair oil. There are multiple opinions regarding the usage of hair oils to fix multiple hair problems. Let’s discuss different hair problems and the most suitable hair oil to fix the issue.

Best Hair oil for Growth & Beyond

The market is filled with several types of hair oils and choosing the most suitable is undoubtedly a hectic task. Read on to figure out the best hair oil for your hair problems.

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

The best hair growth oil is our naturally-made rosemary hair growth oil. Rosemary is miraculous in strengthening hair follicles and promoting new growth. Rosemary mixed with mustard oil or coconut oil for hair growth is an amazing remedy. Rosemary has proven for being the best hair oil for hair growth for all hair types. So, no matter the type of hair you have, this hair growth oil will multiply your hair in the minimum possible time.

Just make sure to follow this simple hair care routine using the happy heads rosemary hair growth kit. Start with a gentle massage of warm rosemary hair growth oil and keep it on for two hours. Gently wash your hair with rosemary hair growth shampoo then apply rosemary hair growth serum, and end the routine with a hair growth hair mask. Repeat the protocol twice every week and experience the magic it does to your hair.

Coconut Oil for Frizz-free & Smooth Hair

Coconut oil is renowned to fix dry hair. The dryness mantra is the first gift that winter brings along. Untidy, frizzy, and rough hair is the story of every human during the bone-chilling cold. Furthermore, to attend various festivals during winter, we tend to get frequent heat-styling. The overuse of heat leaves hair frizzy and dull.

To avoid dullness, gently massage your hair with warm coconut oil. Keep the oil on for two hours and wash it with anti dandruff shampoo to nullify dandruff and achieve strong and luscious hair. Coconut oil is also perfect to be used as a beard oil to smoothen and soften beard hair.

Red Onion Hair Oil to Inhibit Hair Fall

For all those suffering from hair fall, onion hair care products are best to counter the menace. The ingredient is renowned to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles to abolish hair fall. The best oil for hair fall is our red onion anti-hair fall oil. The hair care routine with the happy heads red onion hair products is the same as the one discussed above.

Start with a gentle massage of red onion hair oil and keep the oil on for two hours. Secondly, wash your hair with red onion hair shampoo. This is proven to be the best shampoo for hair fall as it strengthens the hair follicles and inhibits hair fall. This is highly recommended for all hair types, all year long.

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Argan Oil for Oily Hair

The perfect hair oil to moisturize dry hair. In addition to its moisturizing properties, argan oil can also help reduce frizz, add shine, and improve the overall texture of the hair.

It is lightweight and easily absorbed, making it a great choice for all hair types, including fine or oily hair. The argan oil is perfect during summer as it moisturizes without inducing an oily feel in your hair. Just give your hair a gentle massage and keep it on for an hour and wash it using the best shampoo for hair growth.

Olive Oil for Dry Hair Treatment

For those suffering from frizzy and dry hair, get olive hair oil for hair growth and hair shine. Olive oil is perfect to strengthen weak strands while nourishing them for a vibrant and smooth feel. In addition to its strengthening property, olive oil is perfect for dry hair treatment and is always recommended by renowned dermatologists.

Additionally, olive oil mixed with mustard oil is miraculous in the best dandruff treatment to recover lost hair owing to dandruff and dryness.

Almond Oil as the Best Hair Serum

Almond oil can be used as the best hair serum, leaving hair soft and smooth without using any hair serum. The ongoing environmental changes have caused the hair to lose shine, leaving it dull and dead hair. This is usually fixed using the best hair serum according to the hair type. You can also use almond oil for the same purpose.

You should mix a small amount of almond oil with mustard oil and give your precious hair a gentle massage. This will miraculously soften your hair and bring out its lost shine.


The best oil for hair growth is a rosemary hair oil which is available in our store. Rosemary nourishes your hair to perfection while strengthening the strands to promote growth. The best hair fall solution is to grab the happy heads rosemary hair kitt to welcome healthy, strong, and long hair