Pakistan's # 1 Hair Care Products - Hair Fall Treatment

The biggest and unbearable grievance of life is losing your most precious asset; hair. Hair fall has become a story of everybody's life. The fast-rising pollution, dirt, and unhealthy climate change have impacted hair health for the worst. For all those suffering from excessive hair loss, there is always a hair treatment for your precious hair health. Finding the right hair care products is undoubtedly a difficult task. There are countless hair care products and finding the right one according to your hair type will require a lot of research. The best hair loss treatment for men and women includes a proper list of hair products that makes a hair care regime for attaining healthy and strong hair. We will discuss the most appropriate hair products to strengthen your hair with shine and nourishment.

The Biggest Savior of Hair - Hair Oil

Hair oil needs no introduction. It is the most renowned and oldest remedy to fix hair problems. It is like a hero for a flawless dry hair treatment. The market is filled with a myriad of options in hair oils, each appropriate for specific hair issues. We will discuss how each hair problem can be fixed with the use of each type of hair oil. Let's dig in!

Moisturize Hair with Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used by people for centuries to soften and nourish hair. All ingredients and healthy hair vitamins in olive oil are perfect to moisturize hair strands. Dry hair easily breaks, therefore, using olive oil for hair will condition and soften hair to eliminate hair dryness. 

The trick lies in how you use this hair oil. Most commonly, people mix a small amount of olive oil with mustard oil for hair and softly massage it on the hair scalp. After a maximum of 2 hours, hair must be washed gently. Furthermore, you can also opt for argan oil for hair. Similar to olive oil, argan oil is also amazing to moisturize hair. The dry hair mantra is best healed with the use of these quality hair oils, just make sure not to apply them for long!

Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall

Hair fall is the most common hair concern that the maximum of the population of the globe suffers from. There are several hair oils to eliminate excessive hair breakage. The best hair oil for hair fall is onion oil. It is rich in sulfur, which strengthens hair follicles and improves overall hair health.

In this regard, you can find online the red onion hair oil at Happy Heads. We carefully gather the best lot of red onions to create the best oil for hair fall to strengthen your hair. Red onion hair oil is impeccable in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth to fix all your hair problems & bring out your lost shine. 

Our red onion hair oil flawlessly nourishes, hydrates, & revitalizes your hair to perfection with the all-natural red onion extract to combat hair fall while eliminating dandruff!

Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Inhibited hair growth is also a common issue among people nowadays. Their hair grows to one limit and then simply stops growing further. At this rate, using the best hair oil for hair growth is inevitable to achieve growth. The Rosemary hair growth oil at Happy Heads is our best selling product for those suffering from suppressed hair growth. 

Beyond stimulating hair growth, rosemary is also wonderful to prevent premature graying & dandruff. It is also the best hair oil for nourishing & hydrating hair for ultimate strength. Get wholly natural Rosemary hair growth oil online in Pakistan to strengthen your hair with love.

Hair Fall Solution for Strong Hair

Then comes the question why hair fall does not stop by just hair oil? Well, the drill is not that simple. The new climate change is not as kind and easy to handle as we might consider it to be. Along with the use of an appropriate hair oil, you will need to follow a proper anti hair fall solution having a well-designed hair care regime. A good hair care regime includes a few hair products that have to be followed in order, twice every week.

Anti-Hair Fall Regime

We will now discuss the best products for hair loss treatment for women. You can seamlessly find a range of hair products, each perfect to eliminate hair fall. The routine will start with a gentle massage of hair oil. Let’s discuss the next steps for a perfect hair fall solution.

Red onion shampoo for hair fall: The red onion shampoo for hair fall fights hair loss, brings out shine and strengthens all the strands to bring out your shiny, luscious, & strong hair. After a gentle massage with red onion hair oil, wash your hair using the best shampoo to fully restore your hair’s health.

Red onion hair mask: The red onion hair mask is like a hair tonic that preserves hydration in your hair. You can easily nourish your hair to perfection with this mask to relax & smoothen your hair while giving it an extra shine. Gently rinse your hair after applying the best shampoo for hair fall and apply this hair mask gently for 30 minutes. After the prescribed time, rinse your hair again and then apply hair serum.

Red onion hair serum: The red onion hair serum is formulated with all-natural ingredients to combat hair loss and bring out the dream shine in your hair. It reduces tension in your strands and gives ultimate hydration to eliminate dryness. After shampooing your hair, apply this serum to hydrate your strands.


Your hair needs gentle and natural hair care products to grow and shine. Each individual re

quires a different and optimized remedy for hair loss. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle can improve the condition of your hair in general. This includes eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and managing your stress. 

Furthermore, the use of moderate hair care products, avoiding chemical and heat harm, and maintaining proper scalp hygiene can also help prevent hair loss and encourage healthy hair development.